THE BLUE RING CHALLENGE is a way to remind people leading sedentary life style especially with diabetes of the importance of staying active while simultaneously raising funds for people with diabetes in need.

THE BLUE RING CHALLENGE program encourages people with and without diabetes to get active.

Is it meant for Diabetics only?
You do not need to have diabetes to participate. Anyone can do it.
We ask each of the participant to give us their blood sugar level before and after exercise. We intend to show the benefits of exercise as related to blood sugar.

What to do?
• BP and Pulse should be taken before the activity.
• Test Random Blood Sugar level before the activity.
• Exercise for 15-20 minutes (Cycling, Brisk Walking, Skipping, Jogging, Zumba or any other cardiovascular exercise).
• After the exercise rest for 15 minutes and then retest Random blood sugar level again.
• Share the results through THE BLUE RING CHALLENGE @ this link: http://www.diabetesrak.com/blue-ring-challenge/

When you do at least 20 minutes of exercise, and record it, you will have a feel good factor. For your participation and support RAK Hospital and RAK Diabetes Center will offer AED 1 for Diabetes Awareness Campaign.

In addition, you will also be entitled for Diabetes check package worth AED 700 on a payment of AED 1 only. This voucher will be valid upto 31st January 2018.

Online registration of THE BLUE RING CHALLENGE closes on 14th December 2017. On the day of THE BLUE RING CHALLENGE loads and loads of lucky draw prizes will be given away by RAK Diabetes Center and RAK Hospital.

This campaign is applicable to UAE Residents of 18 years & above.

Mega prize may include:
• IPhone X
• Smart Gears
• Bicycles
• Sports Equipment
• Family Annual Health Checkup Vouchers”.

Disclaimer: All the cardiac patients are requested to take THE BLUE RING CHALLENGE under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner.