Arabian Healthcare Group – Mother Company

A promising initiative undertaken by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah, AHG has been established as a premium global healthcare management and consulting firm excelling at developing state-of-the-art hospitals not only in the Middle East, but also in the international healthcare arena.

AHG is a one-stop shop for investors who require to access executive management experience in order to develop a new customized or turnkey healthcare facility. AHG is also the perfect source for owners of existing healthcare facilities to find the perfect resources if they aim to enhance their facility’s financial performance or to ensure the delivery of quality medical care, to result in greater benefits to their patient and provide complete satisfaction to them.


RAK Hospital

RAK Hospital is a high-end luxury hospital in the UAE that seamlessly blends world class hospitality with premium healthcare. It is one of the showcase projects built, commissioned and managed by the AHG. RAK Hospital has the unique distinction of being one of the select hospitals in the world to have been accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) and the Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH) within the first year of operation. These achievements are eloquent testimonies to what AHG honestly professes, which is surpassing excellence in healthcare.

In its well-established and unrivalled approach to delivering customized, premium, private healthcare, AHG consistently infuses the same passion and dynamism to all its projects, public or private, as it believes that quality healthcare is every person’s right and that it should be provided in a spirit of genuine compassion.


Star Metropolis Clinical Laboratories

STAR Metropolis aims at providing most reliable and accurate laboratory services coupled with latest technology and knowledge including logistics management. The objective is always uncompromised quality and value to benefit physician community to assist in their day to day clinical decisions. STAR Metropolis is committed to professionalism, ethics, quality and accuracy.

STAR Metropolis after establishing itself in UAE is poised to spread its services and activities to other GCC and rest of the Arabia. STAR Metropolis has wide range of tests covering most of the medical disciplines for advanced diagnostic and pathological services.


Arabian Wellness Group

The Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management Company specializes in evaluating Health and incorporating Lifestyle Change in order to alleviate ailments. With decades of experience, Arabian Wellness creates, implements, and manages comprehensive workplace health through programs customized specifically for each organization. Its Corporate Healthcare Plan provides a one – stop solution to address the healthcare needs of organizations, and includes individual and group solutions. Studies show that the return on investment in Corporate Health and Wellness initiatives include increased productivity, improved employee morale, reduced healthcare costs, and reduced absenteeism. The key to success in Corporate Wellness, is not merely medical and illness support, but also through preventive care, with a focus on Diet and nutrition, Exercise & fitness and stress reduction.This path leads to Lifestyle change and enables all individuals to reach their full potential.